How To Become a Naval Officer

The United States Navy has much demand for young men and women to join on board as officers. The officers in the Navy perform diverse job requirements. Some are recruited as aviators for flying fighter aircrafts and helicopters; some are navigators piloting ships of all sizes while many join as submariners. Officers are also recruited in to the elite Navy Seals branch. There are officers who are part of intelligence services, logistics and medicine.

If you are looking at Navy as an option then here’s a quick guide to help you.Do your own research and find out in detail about the different branches in Navy. You must take a decision whether you want to join the aviation, executive, logistics or the submarine branch. you can also consider becoming a Seal or joining the law or medicine branches affiliated with Navy.

To become a Naval Officer in the United States you can attend the U.S. Naval Academy or join through Navy ROTC program. This requires graduation from college upon getting a commission. Post graduation you have the choice of attending officer Candidate School. Professionals like lawyers and doctors are commissioned directly as Officers.

Find out about the basic educational requirement mandatory for becoming a student-officer. Age limit can be different for various commissioning programs. But it is mandatory to be a U.S. citizen for all.Complete your graduation. It is necessary you be a graduate whether you go through Navy ROTC or through Officer Candidate School.

Pay extra attention to subjects like math and science. The navy is a technical branch of defence and the officers must be aware of the basic technical know-how. If later you want to opt for working in nuclear field sound technical background is all the more important.You should be a consistent academic performer in school and college. You should also aim at getting good SAT and ACT scores.

Participate in sports related activities and try to develop leadership qualities early on.The Navy requires officers who are physically and mentally fit. Being a defence officer is a strenuous job and you cannot afford to make mistakes either because you were physically sea sick or because you were not mentally prepared for a situation.

The Unites States Navy has an official website from where you can gather information on how to start the process of applying to Navy.