How to Become a Social Worker

Social workers are people who help other people overcome problems and tragedies in their lives. Social working is a vast field and contains various subjects that require in depth study. However, if you are planning on becoming a social worker you could select your area of interest and make a career based on it. You can start by volunteering as a social worker’s assistant. You can do this while still in high school. This experience will give you firsthand knowledge of many challenges that you will have to face as a social worker.

Work towards getting a bachelor’s degree in social work (B.S.W.). This is mandatory for anyone aiming to becoming a social worker especially for entry level.

Maintain a good academic record throughout school and college. Also keep yourself up-to-date with the social issues and causes around the world by intensive studying.

Pick a second language in school and learn it well. It will also be good to continue with the language throughout college years.

Get in touch with your school counsellor for a comprehensive list of colleges that offer degree in social work programs. These courses need to be accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. As of now there are 430 B.S.W. programs recognized by the Council. All require 400 hours of field work experience supervised by a professor.

Start collecting and filling application forms even before you begin your last year in school.

Once you start your college program find out about the paid internships offered to students. Getting some work experience during college years will prepare you well in advance for what is to come in future. Some of these internships might also turn into full-fledged positions once you leave college.

After completing you bachelor’s degree aim for getting a Master’s degree in the field of social work. A Master’s degree will help you get managerial positions that might also include case management. There are 130 accredited courses that include 900 hours of filed experience under supervision of a professor.

After completing M.S.W. get information on licensing exam. You can take this exam two years after completing Masters in Social Work. During these two years you should work under a licensed social worker with a Master’s degree.