How to Become a Successful Magazine Writer

Magazines are of different types. A person may write for a news magazine, a children’s magazine or a women’s magazine. These days, magazines focusing on cars, interior designing, sports, gardening and pets are also becoming a rage.

Gender activists also champion several magazines that are exclusively published for people in sexual minority, like gays, lesbians or transsexuals. Whatever is your area of interest, the basic premise of working for a periodical is quite different than working for a daily newspaper.

Monthly or fortnightly magazines have a very different way of functioning as compared to a daily newspaper.

A person who works for a daily newspaper has to be on toes all the time and pay attention to the events of the day as they happen. He cannot afford to miss out any news as every newspaper is always trying to win over its competitor by presenting the latest news with as much exclusive information as possible.

In contrast to this, a person who writes for a magazine is relatively less pressed for time. He has the liberty to assimilate news at a slower pace and write his articles based on research. Thus, a magazine writer focuses more on giving a well-research and unbiased opinion instead of giving news.

By the time a fortnightly or monthly magazine is out for sale, most readers are already aware of the latest news. Thus, they use magazine not for information, but for the view points of several eminent persons and reporters published in the magazine.

While working on niche subjects like women’s issues, children or pets, a magazine writer need to be innovative. He must keep on generating interesting subjects for each issue so that the readership remains loyal and is not bored by similar stories.

A good magazine article also depends a lot on its photos and thus, for each article that he is writing, a magazine writer must ensure that he gets enough support from the photographers or graphic artists of the department. In this way, teamwork can lead to a more finished product.

Magazine writing is a very interesting and challenging job and someone with a flair for writing must definitely give this a try.