How To Get A Job As A Nanny Overseas

How To Get A Job As A Nanny Overseas Before deciding to work as a nanny there are certain points about you that need to be clarified at the onset. First, since the job involves taking care of one or more children any compromise on responsibility is equal to criminal offence. Secondly, you need to have in-depth knowledge of first- aid techniques.

A majority of nannies working in countries of North America or Europe are certified Cardiopulmonary resuscitation professionals. Thirdly, a degree in child development gives an extra boost to your chances of finding a nanny job overseas. Once these basics are taken note of, the prospect of working as a nanny in a far way land may seem like an interesting prospect.

You get an opportunity to travel half way across the world and experience a brush with cultures and people. So now that your mind is already made, the next step lies in finding ways of giving those much cherished international goals a taste of reality.

Nanny Agencies

Keep an eye out for newspaper advertisements looking for nannies abroad. However, if that is not found to be of much help then search the internet for online nanny recruiting agencies. Registering includes filling out a form bearing your name, address and other details.

First timers may also try out some nanny referral agencies. But hunting down a referral agency based kilometers away from your country of residence is nearly impossible without some help from the Internet. So a less confusing and viable option would be to stick to online nanny recruiting agencies.

Eligibility Criterion

Age is a major factor in gauging your chances of landing a nanny job abroad. Most nanny agencies have fixed the minimum age at 18. However, even this margin is subject to slight variation across agencies.

Referral And Interview

The nanny agency will refer your name for a particular job. You are also given a brief sketch of the family’s profile to ascertain your views in wanting to work with them. The first opportunity to communicate with the family directly comes thereafter. This is where you need to give your performance the best shot.

Post interview the agency gets in touch with the prospective employers to collect feedback on their rendezvous with you. The agency commissions an enquiry into your background for possible criminal records after the family gives their final stamp of approval on employing you. If things go right and you are hired then make sure you know enough of the family’s cultural background for a better take on cultural adjustments


A number of countries like Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Australia or England employ nannies from far away lands. Getting a work Visa and passport is step one in ensuring that your journey abroad remains free of legal hazards. Trip to the doc for a quick health update comes second in the list of priorities.

Many households in nations like United States or England employ nannies to work on a summertime basis only. If you are applying for one of these jobs then make sure that the company takes responsibility for funding your travel expenses and stay during the period of employment. If conditions dwell on the contrary, give your decisions a second thought.

Not everybody has the opportunity to live in close proximity with various ethnicities of the world and the job of a nanny overseas offers a quick peep into a multi cultural universe. It isn’t just about working abroad but getting to share a home, a life in an international household which makes the job all the more challenging. So go ahead and breathe life into your dreams.

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