How To Help Your Child With Homework

How To Help Your Child With Homework The whole point of your kids doing homework is to allow them to get a thorough understanding of what they have learned in class with emphasis on important concepts and giving the child ample time to perfect a particular skill.

Homework helps build the independent spirit in a child and helps them develop self-discipline. Your role as a parent should be to guide the child rather than get actively involved with the child’s work. The points to be noted when you go about providing help with homework to your child are elucidated below.

Doing The Homework Is Your Child’s Job

Parents should not actually take up the task of completing the homework for their child. A parent’s job should be to review the child’s work and point out mistakes, if any and get him to correct them.

Provide A Proper Space To Work

Make sure you provide enough space in a well-lit room where the homework can be done without any disturbances.  Children also like to choose their own space to work. Allow them to do their homework from wherever they wish to, provided it a feasible option for you.

Set Up A Time For Homework

Let your child know about the time for homework. Some children like starting their work right after school, but there are others who like to play or have some snacks before they start their work.  It is a good idea to set a particular time for homework after discussing the matter with your child.

Find The Right Study Method

Try to get an idea about your child’s best study method. Different kids have different styles and methods to memorize and work. Some like reading out loud, some like writing and studying, and there are some who like to read in their minds.

Express Your Expectations

Tell your child what your expectations are as far as the homework goes. Children always work better when they know what is expected of them.

Restrict TV Exposure

Make a house rule to turn off the TV or radio when children are doing homework. This will make them aware of your involvement and seriousness in their work.

Let The Child Feel Your Presence

If you are present at home when your child is doing homework, make sure you stay near him, to assure him of your availability in case you are needed.

Let The Teacher Know If You Helped

Let the teacher know if your child needed a lot of assistance and your help was asked frequently.

Praise Your Child

Praising your child for a good work done is a step in confidence-building and helps the child accomplish more. Reward the child when you think it is suitable.

Be Enthusiastic

It is often seen that when a parent is enthusiastic about the child’s work, it rubs off on the child as well and the child begins to like homework better.

Children need support for doing their homework, but your help should be limited to handling their doubts and minor queries.  Children learn the best when they learn the hard way, that is by making mistakes and being independent.

Jiji Thomas