How to Improve Your Child’s Handwriting

If you have a child who has just been enrolled in a school, then you must be facing certain new challenges as a parent. Children often face some typical problems when they are being introduced to new routine and new surroundings. Schooling introduces your kid to his very first really social and formal environment.

In this situation, the added expectations of learning alphabet, new words, reading and writing may boggle your child down. However, there is nothing to worry and this situation can be easily tackled. Every kid (and his parents) faces some such dilemma during the first few years of schooling.

After your child has been introduced to the alphabet and is now practicing how to write, the next important step is to ensure that your child not only writes without spelling mistakes, but writes in good, clear and legible handwriting. Handwriting play a much more crucial role in forming the child’s personality than you may imagine. By giving attention to your child’s handwriting, you can even get to know his mood patterns, his thinking style and his inclination to improve himself. Thus, handwriting improvement also brings about an overall personality improvement in your child.

To improve your child’s handwriting, get him to write on a lined page with pencil. Do not introduce pen first, as the writing is much better due to the smooth finish of a lead pencil than a ball-point pen. Ink pens can be introduced at a later age, say at 12. Instead of using practice books that are readily available in the market, try to lure your child into handwriting improvement sessions by giving him books of his choice. In turn, you can strike a deal that he write the paragraph he likes the best five times in neat, legible handwriting.

You can even focus on individual letters if you think your child is not getting the curves, slants and crosses properly. Insist that your child cross all the ‘t’s and dots all the ‘I’s and ‘j’s. Any kind of exaggeration, may it be very large crosses on ‘t’, huge loops in letters like ‘g’, ‘y’, ‘j’, etc are not good and should be discouraged.