How To Improve Your Scholarship Application

Scholarships are generally two types – need based and merit based. The former is awarded on the basis of financial needs while the parameters for merit based scholarships include overall academic performance (GPA) and standardized test scores. The GPA scores are very important and can actually make or break your scholarship aspirations.

Every scholarship application must be accompanied by an essay which is required to assess the academic abilities and social skills of the students. There are some easy ways to improve your scholarship application.

First, you must proofread all your essays and check for any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. The formatting of the essay must be good. It not be written in complicated jargons but should be easy enough to read and understand. You must read your own essays twice to find out any missing logic. The essay must be strong enough to send across a message to the selection committee.

It is always a good idea to depend on feedback. If possible, ask your close friends and relatives to go through the essays in order to get an idea about the worthiness of the essay. If they find any fault in your essay listen to them carefully and try to impose any changes, if deemed necessary.

You must read the scholarship application minutely. Find out whether you need to submit a weighted GPA or not. You must also have to submit a transcript for the grades. In case of weighted GPA you have to find out the type of GPA grading scale to be used.

The chances of scholarships increases a great deal when you start improving your grades. Take classes that will be relevant to your field of study in the college. There is no merit in taking classes that will be of little use in college. But grades are not the only way to improve your scholarship application. You can also mention the extracurricular activities and re-appear for SAT or ACT to improve upon the scores.

Don’t forget to get good letters of recommendation, though. The scholarship application can be strengthened by following the above tips. Once you get a scholarship, you can embark on your dreams of getting a quality college degree from a prestigious university.