How to Write An Impressive Curriculum Vitae

After putting your best efforts into your studies, when you finally graduate, your first priority is to get a well-paying job in a reputed company. Even before you are called for an interview, it is your curriculum vitae (CV) that plays a key role in making an influence on your future employer. In this article, we will discuss in detail how you should write an impressive CV.

Do not write a very lengthy CV. Most companies specify that a CV should not be longer than one or two pages. The key to writing a good CV is to highlight those points of your academic and professional career that are relevant to your future employer. Thus, if you have professional experience in sales as well as human resources (HR), highlight either sales or HR depending on the type of job you are applying. If you are looking for a senior HR position in a finance company, highlight your HR experience in greater detail than your stint as a sales manager.

It goes without saying that a good CV will help you find the right job without much trouble. On the other hand, a badly-written CV may even mar the chances of being called for the interview. So, writing a good CV is extremely important. You must give as much as information possible in the space of two pages. To achieve this, it is important that you write to the point and avoid jargon and flowery language.

If you spend some time and effort in drafting a smart CV, it will lead to fruitful results in no time. Use standard fonts like Times New Roman or Ariel. Do not use fancy fonts and minimize the use of italics and colors to give your CV a professional appearance.

Mention your achievements in a logical order. There is no need, however, to begin chronologically. For example, do not begin with your O level marks in a CV if it is not relevant. Be direct and state clearly your job profile or academic achievements with facts and figures instead of fancy language. It is also a good idea to attach a photo with your CV.