How to write winning essays

Essays are certainly not things to be taken lightly in the American education system. For admission to undergraduate programs, graduate programs, and even in some cases after that you will be required to write extremely coherent, legible and impressive essays in order to make your application more appealing than your fellow applicants’.

An essay is what we get when we write down, in paragraph form, the thoughts that are present in our mind regarding a particular topic.

An essay should be, at the same time, a piece that sends across the main points lucidly and with pin point accuracy, while still being interesting enough to keep the reader glued to it. Being able to write a proper essay may just be the difference between an admission and a reject. It is easily understandable that essays are not only an integral part of the process, they are a very important part as well.

It is generally considered that a coherent, legible, lucid, interesting and to-the-point essay written in five paragraphs is the best way to go in essay writing. This article aims to give you ideas on how to make your essay a winning one. Read on for more information.

  • The first paragraph. The first paragraph should have the ability to catch the reader’s attention immediately. Try to make the introduction to the article in the first paragraph striking. That is not to say you have to sensationalize; you just have to capture the reader’s attention. You can try to make the first sentence very interesting, or you can give the introduction of the topic in an interesting way. Make sure it is interesting.
  • The second paragraph. The second paragraph should introduce a new point, and that should be elaborated throughout the paragraph. Remember it is not so much about the quality of your writing as it is about your ability to coherently get your message across (that is not to say you can make grammatical errors; you still can’t do that). But ensure that the point you were trying to elaborate on, is understood easily by the reader after completion of reading of the paragraph.
  • The third and fourth paragraphs. These follow much in the same way as the second paragraph. What is important is to introduce a point, elaborate on it, and ensure that, by the end of the paragraph, it has been easily understood by the reader.
  • The fifth paragraph. The fifth paragraph is the one in which you should give a fitting conclusion to the essay. You can give a concise gist of everything you said in the essay, and then give a few concluding remarks. The main things to remember in this paragraph too remain almost the same the other paragraphs. Keep it simple, don’t make grammatical errors and get your message across coherently and impressively.

Your ability to write a winning essay goes a long way in determining your admits and rejects in universities at various levels of education (graduation, post graduation). It does make sense to learn how to write impressive essays which will give you a definite edge over other applicants.


I am Deepanjan Datta doing electrical engineering from the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Durgapur, India. I love to write, and develop software programs.