It is very important for a student to clear an exam like IELTS if he is aiming at getting admission in college or university in English speaking nation. IELTS is a tough exam and it is not only important to pass this exam but also to get a good score in it.

A good score can be obtained only if the preparation of the student is good. The preparation of the student can be good if the study material is good. Therefore, it is very important that a student has good study material for the preparation for the exam. A student can get study materiel from various sources like books, prep courses, and online sources and even through softwares. In this article we will discuss about IELTS books in detail.

Requirements of a Good IELTS Books:

There are certain factors which a student should keep in mind before purchasing any IELTS book for the preparation of the exam. The first factor is the study requirement of the student. If a student needs a separate IELTS book every section of the exam or a book which covers all the sections of the exam. It all depends on the student.

The second factor is the time factor for the preparation of the exam. If the student has sufficient time with him then he can opt for IELTS books covering detailed syllabus on the contrary if a student does not have sufficient time then he can opt for a book that briefly covers the entire syllabus. The choice is entirely up to the student.

The next factor in determining the purchase of the IELTS book is to see that whether it is published by a reputed author or publisher. It is advisable that a student consults a student who has already appeared for the exam. It is also important that the IELTS book covers the syllabus issued by the official source of IELTS.

A student can also purchase a book that has a CD along with it because a student can practice well with the help of sample and test papers in the CD. A student should also keep the cost factor of the books in mind. The books should be able to be worth the money paid for them.

Advantages of Good IELTS Books:

There are many advantages which a student has if he studies from good IELTS books. A good book is a true guide and it prepares a student to perform better in the exam.

The expert guidance of the books proves to be very beneficial for the students and it also helps the students to understand the concepts in a better way. The CDs which comes with the IELTS books containing sample paper and practice tests help the students to get the feel of the actual exam. The students learn various tricks and tips useful in the exam.

Some Good IELTS Books:

Cambridge IELTS 6 Audio CDs: Examination papers from University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations (Ielts Practice Tests) (No. 6) by Cambridge ESOL (Audio CD – Jun 18, 2007)
Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS with answers and Audio CD (Cambridge Exams Publishing) by Pauline Cullen (Paperback – April 21, 2008)

Shaini N