Immunologist/Allergist As A Career Option

Immunology is a branch of medicine which deals with disease immunity. Some of the ailments such as allergies, sinus inflations, pneumonia, abscesses etc are due to the immune system malfunction. Immunologist specializes in the study of immune system and plays a crucial role in identifying disease affecting immunity.

An allergist/immunologist works in a similar fashion as a physician evaluating, diagnosing and treating disorders.  They can either be researches with Ph.D or physicians with M.D.

Work Description:

Immunologist’s work includes investigating body’s immune system, treating and controlling a range of disorder and diseases. They perform a series of blood test of the samples to investigate the immune system and its role in autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases, allergies, tumor growth, tissue grafts and organ transplants which leads to effective diagnosis of these conditions and give new openings in the treatment of leukemia, asthma, allergies and AIDS etc.

Work of immunologist also involves delving into genetic makeup and understanding the conditions that attack the immune system; which is an essential part in the preparation of transplant surgery.

They pave way for medical breakthroughs in immunology through research and open the doors for treating immunological disorders with new therapies. In histocompatibility and immunogenetics finding the best match between organ donor and the patient requiring transplant surgery is a challenging task.

One may work alone or as a team and associate with clinicians and other healthcare professionals to explain the result of the test of the patients.

Education /Training: A strong hold in biology, chemistry and mathematics is essential to pursue in this field. Graduate programs in microbiology, immunology and infectious disease,  immunology and molecular genetics etc can enable one to be immunologist at entry level postions.

To be an immunologist, advanced degree in Ph.D or M.D is required. They need to attend accredited program and pass examination conducted by American Board of Allergy and Immunology for certification. The National Institute of Health (NIH) provides many training and research opportunities for immunologistst.

Career Growth: The field of immunology is unique and exciting. With advancement of healthcare and research, immunology is increasingly a lucrative career. Higher the qualification, greater is the income for immunologist.

With advanced degree immunologist can earn handsome salary. It is a green field with new researches being developed, keeps the immunologist job in top cadre.