Inscribe your career: Benefits of career as a Technical Writer.

Very few persons can claim their profession as their passion too! (No matter what they have said in the interview). So, it is very important to choose a career in which your interest lies not what the most of the world are advising you to do (engineering and management will top the list !). New age careers are opening up for bright candidates who are passionate in what do they do and can think out of the box(the key deciding factor to survive today).Technical writing or documentation is one such lucrative career option which can provide job satisfaction, career growth and stability.

So what is a Technical Writing, in simple words it is a well formatted writing mainly in technical fields (like software, hardware, finance, technology, etc) which explains about a product, service or project to technical or non technical audiences. Technical writers document useful information from related sources and the subject experts in a technically useful way. The key benefits of being a Technical Writer are discussed below:

A booming career option: Technical Writing as a profession is booming now. Companies have realized the need of experts in technical documentation. The demand clearly exceeds the current supply and the difference is going to be bigger in the coming years.

A decent paycheck: Gone are the days when writing used to be just a hobby or underpaid job. Technical Writers command a decent salary with an expected annual appraisal of 20%-25%. Even the management graduates and software professionals are joining this profession after finding it lucrative enough.

Flexible career choice: Professionals, especially working mothers can enjoy the facility to work from home as telecommuting is commonly offered in this career option. Technical Writing can provide you with a good work life balance.

Thank god it’s Monday!: Not many people says that but Technical Writers can because there is enough challenge and variety in their work profile. You will not do the same boring and mundane tasks which can reduce your performance level.

Chance to work for a branded company: Now even the arts or accounts graduates qualification in technical Writing can work for companies like Microsoft or Oracle (and the list continues!).

Stability: Technical Writing is a long term career option which is least affected during the recession.

So write your own destiny by choosing this new age career option.