Interesting Career Options

Straight out of college and don’t know what to do next? Well, while the regular engineer, doctor and architect might not be your thing, then it is time to go off-beat. There are quite a few interesting careers out there that can catch your attention.

It is a bonus if you think out of the box and more on the creative side. There are a certain category of career options that are un-conventional and unusual, however, can fetch just as much of success. Now, we are not talking about lap-dancing or nude modeling, but nice and decent jobs that make enough greens and also get you the social appreciation.

Being a personal shopper is the in-thing today. If Paris Hilton can do it, why not you? A personal shopper is a professional who helps you with your shopping choices. This job does not require you a formal education or a certified degree, just a keen fashion-sense. You require having a good knowledge about range, the client’s choice and where to get the best deals.

A personal shopper can be employed by a leading fashion house or work online. Your services can range from shopping for a single event, gift ideas to an entire range of clothes. This is a fun job where you get to do what you like the most, just shop.

Have you considered being a funeral director? Well, don’t freak-out because this is one of the most-wanted jobs around. The job requires you to supervise a burial ceremony along with cremation of the dead. You need to be a Mortuary college graduate in order to qualify for this job; in layman language you are called an ‘undertaker’.

As life and death are two of the most uncertain of natural activities, this is surely a highly demanding job. If you specialize in embalming, there is nothing holding back your success in the field. Just for the records, Angelina Jolie desired to be a FD before she stumbled in to acting.

With the wine tasters and food tasters making it huge, here comes the coffee taster. Coffee tasting is a career in itself that requires you to sample sniff and taste various coffee brands. All you require is a degree in food sciences and you are qualified for the job.

For the dog-lovers, you can become a dog-psychologist. This is one of the extended careers to being a vet, where you need to understand the behavior of the pet dog. You are sure to be in demand, if you have a way with the dogs and people cannot figure out why their pooch is acting ‘moody’ lately.

Urshit Tahir