Interior Designer Career Overview

If you are a creative person with a flair for beautifying the interiors, then you can opt to be an Interior Designer. Interior designing is an essential part of making the interiors look beautiful whether it is home, office, hospital etc.

It is not just all about beautifying the space; the design should fulfill the requirement of the place. It should create a balance with the designing aspect as well as the requirement aspect.
Work description:

The work of an interior designer involves designing the interiors to enhance the décor and beauty of the area through colors, furniture, lightings, art work etc. They usually work in coordination with the architect etc. to design the interiors in a safe way.

They interact with the clients and understand their specific needs, for instance designing unique architectural features, contemporary design, classic French design etc.and then design the plan and estimate the cost.

The three areas of interior designing that is in vogue are ergonomic design, elder design and environmental or green design.

Now a days computer aided design (CAD) software is used to design the plans which gives more precision in their work. What is the reason behind the popularity of interior designing? Well, the idea behind a good interior is to attract customers, increase productivity of sales, to give relaxed ambience for the patient or to increase the market value of a building.

The educational qualifications required to pursue a career in interior designing is post secondary education with an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree.  Graduates with bachelor’s degree are eligible for a formal design apprenticeship program. The Council for Interior Design Accreditation accredits interior design programs which lead to graduate and postgraduate degrees.

Is licensure essential? Ofcourse, after the completion of the formal training, you can join as apprenticeship for 1-3 years to gain experience. The National Council for Interior Design qualification conducts licensing exam for interior design qualification and grants the title of Certified, Registered or Licensed Interior Designer depending on the state. You have to maintain the licensure through continuing education.

You can also obtain additional certifications and advancement through different programs such as training and certification exams. U.S Bureau of Labor statistics states that a career growth of 19%  is expected from 2008 to 2018 .

It is a job with stiff competition, one can work for interior design firms, architectural firms, design large institutions, hospitals, airport terminals etc. or set up own firm.  Career growth depends on talent and experience.