International Studies – An Overview

We don’t live in isolation, but rather in a well-mixed, highly imbalanced and constantly changing global society.

It therefore becomes imperative to study the community in which we live and flourish. International Studies is therefore an important field of academic study for students.

International studies, which is also popularly known as Global studies provides its students with an easy understanding of the global forces that affect developed and developing countries alike, as well as to study the techniques used to improve the global society.

This field of study deals with global economic, political, social and cultural issues. It minutely studies the global societies and their culture including study of different languages.

Most often people confuse between International studies and International relations. The study of International relations is only concerned with the relationship between nations, whereas International studies cover everything which is global in nature.

International studies can be taken as an undergraduate or post graduate program by a student. For an undergraduate degree program the student usually has to enroll in a BA program or a BA Honours program in International studies. A student of undergraduate program usually has to complete required credit hours and course work as part of their program.

The study usually covers foreign language training and study abroad experiences. Foreign language training is given for other global languages (Japanese, Mandarin, Russian etc) apart from English and French. For postgraduate degree program in International Studies, the student can enroll either in a Masters program or an Honours program.

In case of Master’s degree program the student is required to specialize in a particular area of International studies such as international development or regional relationships etc. Few popular fields of specializations in International studies include – Foreign policies of countries, migration, globalization etc.

Sometimes, International studies, also is offered by Universities as part of other programs, such as a joint major with Economics or Political science. And finally a student also gets immense opportunities to research in the field of International Studies.

The field of International studies also promises a good career prospect for its students. For example a student of International studies can work as an International Relations Specialist, Cross cultural trainer, Public Affairs Coordinator, Relief Worker and Foreign Service Official in the government.