Internship after Graduation

After finishing college it sometimes gets difficult to secure a job especially if you did not have any previous work experience. Your resume requires a lot more ‘explaining’ to your prospective employers. To improve your chance of securing a job of your choice comes handy an internship program. You can take up such a program even after getting a degree.

This article highlights how an internship can help even after graduation.

Internship programs are mostly available for undergraduate students but surprisingly there are quite a few for postgraduates as well. These are a good way to test the waters before embarking on a job of your choice. These programs are developed by companies and specifically targeted towards recent graduates.

Internship positions are temporary ones and interns are paid low as compared to permanent employees doing the same job.  But you do get quite a nice exposure to the professional environment for a specific length of time and if you are good then you might be hired as a full time employee by the same employer. So it does not only provide hands on experience it also is a gateway to a full time job.

When you are selecting an internship program it is however important for you to keep some learning objectives of your own, like what are the goals you would like to achieve at the end of the program, what you want to learn over the period of your internship. These goals should be in sync with the goals of the organization and should be measurable and achievable.

You must however have a good network to gain information about internship programs offered by various organizations. People whom you might know in big or small organizations can provide information. A good resource to know about such available programs is through school alumni. On the other hand you can also create a job of an intern, in the area of your choice, if you are truly passionate about your work and have good persuasion skills.

Age is not an obstacle in getting into an internship program. They are a pretty good way to re-enter the job market if you have taken a break.

  • Anju Mehta

    Hello, I have done My B.tach in IT in 2011. I am a fresher now. I want a internship praogram for me. How i can contact for it.