Interview – The Right Place to Market yourself

On seeing the title, you can understand that what I am trying to say. Right? Yes, Interview is the right place where you should market yourself to get the job and an expected salary.

By default, when going to the interview, dress professionally, wear shoes, groom hairs, mustaches and beards neatly, greet the interviewer with a smile and firm handshake. There are some common questions which will be always asked in the interview. In that, we will try to discuss two important questions here.

Why did you leave your last job? – Actually the reasons may differ from person to person and depends on the things happened in the previous company. The reason may vary from you are unsatisfied with the salary drawn and not getting salary increment, internal politics, misunderstanding between you and your superior, etc. But it is not good to mention those reasons even it is true because the interviewer will think that you are unprofessional and also they will think that you will say about them (employer with whom you are currently speaking) to the other employer. So, no employer prefers this kind of person.

So, it is always good to give an answer in such a way that you have developed in certain skills like team management and even technical skills too, but currently there is no opportunity for my improved skills in my previous company. Also, I would like to come up in my career by using the improved skills and learning the new things. I think this position will give me what I am expecting. This is the reason I am leaving the previous company and searching for the opportunity that suits my expectations and help me to grow in my career.

What is your expected salary? – Before going to the interview, it is good to do some research on salary package for your skills and experience. You could do this in two ways. First way is, discuss with your friends working in different companies and locations. Second ways is, there are some websites which provide the salary calculator services like,,,, etc. Use these services to find the salary package for your profile. So, based on your research result, give your answer for this question.

As interview is the right place to get the salary as you expected, try to market yourself seriously. I don’t mean that market yourself is not simply stick on the salary you want. Try to become a super hero to your interviewer by making them to understand your skills in terms of both technical & non-technical and make them to think that you are the right person for this position. After then negotiate your salary.