Is Honesty The Best Policy During Interviews?

Interviews are always very crucial for any student, whether it is for an admission in a prestigious institution or for his/her first job. Infact even if it is not the first interview that you are facing, you always are nervous and doubtful about what to say and what not, as to which answer of yours will fetch you a positive result and which answer would lead to rejection.

As it is declared, ‘Honesty Is the Best Policy’, it is indeed so. It is always good to be honest during interviews. Transparency is very important both for the interviewer and the interviewee.

If there comes up a question that you do not know the answer of, do not try to act smart by making wild guesses and giving wrong answers. The jury sitting on the other side of the table is much experienced and will quickly judge your ignorance and your attempt to fool them by camouflaging your weaknesses. If you have a few weaknesses, you do not have to worry; you are only normal as no human being is perfect and it is not eve expected out of you. So do not try and portray yourself perfect as you would come across as pretentious.

On the other hand, accepting your shortcomings will help the employer to judge you better and evaluate you as a whole, both on your strengths and weaknesses. Acceptance of your mistakes or flaws is itself a strong personality trait that shows that you can analyze your own self and also are courageous enough to accept it. And also it is only through knowing your deficiencies that you can work upon them. So do not hesitate to accept what you don’t have, instead of pretending it to be in you; you can fall flat with such an attitude.

So just go out for that face to face with the interviewer, believe in yourself and have faith that you will be accepted and appreciated despite all the weaknesses in you. Do not hide your true self and manipulate things, just be yourself and face interview with honesty and confidence.