ITT Technical Institute

The ITT Technical Institute has over a hundred campuses in thirty seven of the fifty states in the United States of America. The institute had its beginnings in 1969 and has its headquarters in Carmel, Indiana. Every year, ITT Technical Institutes provides degree program opportunities to over seventy thousand students. The Institute comprises of six broad schools including the school of criminal justice and the school of drafting and design.
Students at ITT Technical Institute are provided with opportunities to excel in today’s prospering fields like electronics, web design, computer programming, networking, business and health sciences. The curriculum at the Institute helps develop critical reasoning, problem solving and team skills among the students. Classes are held all throughout the year to help the students groom better, with classes beginning at the start of each quarter. The class schedule remains the same every week making it easier for you to plan your valuable time.

All the institutions under the ITT Technical Institute are accredited by the state in which it exists or is in the process of seeking so from an accreditation agency. Thus after finishing an education in the institute promises a successful career ahead. Successful careers are ensured by the job placement facilities provided at the institutes. Assistance is provided at every step, and job seeking skills are also imparted to the students.

ITT Technical Institute believes that a hands on experience is the best way to learn. Rather than spend all the time in the class room the students are made to implement what they learn in the laboratories finding out for themselves, the answers to the where, how and why of everything. The equipment provided in the laboratories matches industry standards and is ideal for learning. The students turn out to be all round adept students.
Other than the campus programs, the ITT Technical Institute also offers various online programs that the student can avail of from the comfort of their home or workplace. The institute also helps in providing part time jobs to students so that their living expenses can be covered. Studying in any of the IIT Technical Institutes will be quite a cherishing experience for all the students with so much activity in the campus all the year round.