Japan A Paradise For Pursuing Excellence In Studies

Japan, known as the land of the rising sun is a popular destination for students who want to excel in education. This country has lots to offer both educational as well as information in areas such as its rich culture, traditions and gadgets.

Students can get a glimpse of modern technology as well as deep rooted traditions while studying in Japan.

Japan gives students many varied opportunities to learn and explore this lovely and beautiful country. The oldest Buddhist temple at Sens%u014D-ji, streets of Ginza is popular for food, coffeehouses and shopping are enjoyable experiences in Tokyo.  Study abroad will offer students to learn the ancient history of Japan and also its international status as an economic super power.

Japan is renowned for its importance given to education and research. There are a number of study abroad programs which include hands-on activities in different locations across the country.  University of Tokyo is the first university to offer courses for both graduates and undergraduates. It has three campus locations and a university museum which consists of 6.4 million items for students to pursue research.

Nagasaki University located at KY% u016Bsh% u016B is famous for its institute of Tropical Medicine, courses in Dentistry, Environmental studies, Engineering and Education. This university also has three campus locations and offers students Japanese lessons.  There are other famous universities that offer academic excellence for students to gain knowledge and cultural richness to cherish.

Japan has an efficient transport system to cater to its large population. Railways are the most reliable and well connected transport system. It runs through the four largest islands of the country that includes Kyushu, Honshu, Shikoku and Hokkaido. Regular train ticket or rail pass is available. Buses are a cheap mode of transport and they offer services through every major city in Japan.

Renting a car or taxi will take you to different places provided you have international driving license.  However taxis in Japan are considered to be expensive. The cheapest form of travel across Japan is bicycle and there are many facilities offered for cyclists. It is not only economical but also environmentally friendly. It is important for students to follow safety guidelines and stay healthy.