Job Description of a Copy Editor

Copy editors are much in demand nowadays. The best part about being a copy editor is that you need not affiliate yourself with one organization. You can be a freelancer and work for various organizations. The number of publication houses is increasing rapidly.

This means that in the future there will be a growing demand for good copy editors. Let us see what it takes to be a good copy editor and how to get that edge in growing competition.

The job of a copy writer is to review and many times rewrite the pieces written by writers. Often they are required to do quick checks of the written material. Hence it is important that they be well versed with the nuances of grammar, spelling and punctuation marks.

After all it is the work of a copy editor to ensure that the writing is flawless. Copy editors must also know how to check for and quote from reference materials and other sources. They must also familiarize themselves with the ‘house style’ of the publication they work for.

It is mainly the newspapers, book publishing houses, magazines and production houses that employ copy editors with them. Many organizations like schools, colleges, universities, corporate, private businesses and even government institutes require copy editors from time to time. There are also websites that have copy editors working for them to check the articles written by freelance writers.

There has been an increase in demand for online publications which has in turn resulted in increase in the number of internet copy editors.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has laid the required qualifications from a copy editor. One must have completed a college degree preferably in media related courses like journalism. Degrees in English and mass communication are also acceptable.

But a bachelor’s degree is the mandatory requirement for one to become a copy editor. A Master’s degree is an added advantage. There are some organizations that require specific training or course depending on the subject matter the copy editor would deal with.

On an average a copy editor makes between $31, 582 and $49,250. Some companies also pay variable income or incentives to their copy editors depending on their performance and targets met for a specific month. However, most copy editors are covered under medical, dental and vision insurance by the companies they work for. Only a very few are deprived of any benefits.