Job Description Of An Air Force Officer

The main duties of an Air Force officer include leading, motivating by example, managing and disciplining the troops. An Air Force is responsible for recruiting and training of the non-commissioned troops of the Air Force.

The officer also commands the troops in times of peace and war.The United States Air Force has integrity, service before self and excellence in all actions as its three core values. All the officers are responsible for upholding and displaying these values at all times.

Before you can become an Air Force officer you should have passed the Air Force officer’s training school and cleared the exit examination. On successful completion of the two you are commissioned into the Air Force. The training school comprises of two main elements; physical training and classroom lessons. This training lasts for a period of two months or 60 days. During the training period all officer candidates stay in the base dormitories that are located within the campus itself.

There are various branches that exist within the structure of the United States Air Force; dental, medical core, officer training centre, engineering squadron, flight controller centre, ground defense unit, aeronautical engineering office, legal division, environmental health unit, accounting office, recruiting centre and armament division. An officer can be posted in any of the divisions.

These divisions are of course assigned keeping in mind the educational background, work experience and skills of the officer. If the officer has professional degrees like engineering or medicine then the military makes use of his expertise accordingly.

For an Air Force officer the normal everyday work routine involves overseeing the office assigned to him while also supervising the staff working under him. He needs to prepare write ups on various projects being undertaken by the unit and the technical as well as non-technical trainings being conducted. An Air Force officer is also given time, away from his daily duties, to further any additional educational program that will add to his skills.

All Air Force officers are given the privilege of free medical and dental care. They are also given life insurance policies that are included in the compensation package. They can avail annual leaves, sick leaves and educational fees at the expense of the government. All Air Force officers are given free living accommodation inside the cantonment. However, their basic pay differs depending on the rank, educational qualification and years spent in service.