Journalism, a Lucrative Career Option

There are several lucrative career options for those with a flair for writing. A person who loves to write can use his talent creatively and get immense satisfaction out of his love of language and words. When such a person decides to select a career for himself, he has several options in front of him.

A person who is creative and makes the correct use of language can easily pursue a career in journalism. But journalism is not just about creativity and flair for writing.

This noble profession also offers an individual to fulfill a moral and ethical responsibility to the society if he decides to take up his job conscientiously.No wonder then, that journalism is looked upon by people as an adventurous profession that can bring about a profound change in the society.

A person who wants to pursue journalism as a career option must diligently read newspapers everyday and have up-to-date general knowledge. The entrance tests to good journalism schools all over the world like to know the applicant’s general knowledge.

Even if the school does not have an entrance test, there are chances that such questions may be asked at the time of the interview. A basic undergraduate degree with good GPA rank can get you an admission to a journalism course.

Journalism is a very generic term and as you get into the profession, you realize that there are a vast number of very interesting positions that a journalist can hold.There are several different streams within the profession of journalism like reporting, editing, features, TV reporting, anchoring, etc. Each assignment comes with its own set of challenges and can get very interesting.

A person generally starts as a cub or trainee reporter and then slowly goes up the ranks.

While the pay scale has gone up in recent times, big media houses are known to pay less initially. Just the credential of getting your name associated with a big media house can be a big boost to your career and your employers know this well. Hence, such big newspapers sometimes tend to exploit newcomers by paying less.