Kingston University London

There are many institutes and universities situated in London. But it is necessary to choose the best one amongst all. Kingston University is one such university which offers high class education facility to all its students. This university is one of the big universities of London. This university is located in Kingston on Thames in southwest region of London. It was formerly a polytechnic college. Later after merger of other institutions it was declared as Kingston University in 1992.

There are 4 main campuses of Kingston University. The first one is in Penrhyn Road. This is the main campus of the Kingston University. It is located near Kingston town centre. Addition to good teaching, it provides Canteen, library and health centre of all the students. The main subjects taught here ate Civil Engineering, Systems and Mathematics, Science, Earth Sciences and Geography, Radiography, Statistics and many more. Reg Bailey Theater is used by students for dance and drama.

Kingston Hill campus is the modern campus. This campus has recently been re developed to provide good facilities to the students. Main subjects taught here are Law, Nursing, Education, Music, Business, Social Sciences and Health. It is on the top of Kingston Hill and has free university bussed to travel from one place to another. There are other campus location namely Knights Park campus situated on Grange Road, Roehampton Vale campus, located in the outskirts of Kingston.

Administration buildings are River House and Millennium House in Kingston and Cooper House near Penrhyn Road Campus. Kingston University offers 6 hall residences to all the students.  All these are situated near the university campuses spread across London. Excluding these 6 hall, there are other residence which are on contract bases and are not owned by the university. For student’s convenience, university runs headed tenancy scheme where students are offered local properties of landlord to the students.

Kingston University provides many undergraduate and postgraduate courses. These programs are available for part time and full time. There are architecture and landscape schools, Fine arts, Art and Design History, Communication design and many more schools. The faculty used is all experts in their fields. The students are provided expertise guidelines for their good future. So first decide which career to do and then opt for the course accordingly.