Know Various Accounting Career Options

Know Various Accounting Career Options There are a number of career options to decide from when you think of your future. But career options in while you have a degree in accountancy seems to very less. This is the wrong notion which many seem to have.

With your degree in accountancy, you can not only join the league of becoming one of the many successful accountants, but also get to choose from a number of career options. With correct knowledge and determination for a career as one of the accountants, you can have a number of career options you can choose from. There are a number of career options in the field of accountancy. Here are a few which can be helpful as your career options.

Public Accounting

Public accounting can be one of the best career options for you in accountancy if you like to travel. However not all accountants under public accounting need to travel nor is it a nine-to-five job. You can indulge in a number of activities as public accountants. You can work as consultants and can also do auditing as well as tax activities. As one of the successful career options, public accountancy needs one to be a CPA or Certified Public Accountant.

Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting as one of the career options in accountancy can help you investigate white-collar financial crimes within a company. Accountants under financial accounting can inspect embezzlement, money laundering, securities fraud, bankruptcies and many more. The accountants can investigate into the case of a certain money activity. Law knowledge along with investigative techniques is required if you are considering forensic accounting as one of your career options. It is almost close to becoming a lawyer.

Private Accounting

You can consider private accounting as one of the many career options under accountancy. As one of the private accountants you will get to control and manage the every day accounting activities of your organization. Making journals, entries into the general ledgers, balancing your customer’s bank accounts and even reconciling general ledger accounts are some of the activities you have to take care of as one of the private accountants. You will be responsible for tracking all the costs of production and even compare actual costs with amounts which are budgeted and even get to control the inventory.


As an auditor you will need to examine accounting records from a company. Accountants who opt for auditing need to look for accounting mistakes or even fraud cases between money transactions of a company. With a good knowledge of the rules and laws of accountancy you can consider becoming an auditor as one of your career options.

Chief Financial Officer

As a CFO or Chief Financial Officer you can get the top accounting position in a company. As an in charge of all financial matters of the company, you get to secure financing for your company, handle the investments and even report the results to your investors.

These are the career options you can opt for under accountancy. If you want to join the league of successful and rich accountants, it is time you put your accountancy degree to a good use.