Knox College in Barcelona

The best place to study abroad in an academic atmosphere is the Knox University in Barcelona. This is the university having a tradition of highly scholar students and teachers. Studying at Knox will help the students increase their mental ability to study and will gain immense knowledge of the field selected for study as well as other general knowledge. Knox is a place where all the students get special attention and are treated as the same.

Knox college changes the life of the students and teach every student to be independent and on their feet. Students are allowed to choose their own way which they want to follow that will help them in future. Teachers guide the students in all possible ways which makes easy for the student cope up with their studies. This guidance helps the students to get the talent out of then and show it to all from actions.

Students at Knox do not know what discrimination is. All stay together, then let it be of any nationality, black or white. All this is ignored here and the true sense of knowledge is distributed among all the students. Knox College was founded by social reformers in 1837 and was the first US College open for all students no matter what the caste is and for both men and woman.

Nearly all the faculty members of Knox College are talented and hold a doctorate degree or an equivalent one. The average number of students in every class is just 18. This helps the teacher to pay attention to every student personally and it also helps the student to grasp more knowledge from their teacher. Students are allowed to do their own research programs and creative project which makes them independent.

There are many research programs in Knox College such as Honors Program, Richter Fellowship, Ford Fellowship Program and Ronald E. McNair Program which helps the students in many ways to complete their research in the way which they want to. Knox College also provide Off- Campus Study programs which facilitates the students to study in other countries such as Costa Rica, China, Argentina, France, Greece, Germany, France, India and many more.