Language Study – An Introduction

Study of languages is indeed a rewarding experience as language is considered the currency of a culture.

When we learn a new language, we infact become an expert in understanding that particular culture or country more closely.

There are nearly 5000 or more languages today in the world but only a handful of languages have become popular enough to be learned via an academic degree. The study of languages scientifically is known as linguistics.

When a student learns a new language using an academic degree he or she becomes intellectually, practically and philosophically superior to others. This is because every language is highly complex based on its own set of rules, symbols and elements.

The language departments in many universities across the globe provide options for students to enroll and learn any of the following popular languages – French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Latin, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Persian, Russian, Swahili, Turkish, Sanskrit etc.

A study of languages helps a scholar to not only master the art of speaking it, but also writing, reading and even listening to it. Languages are usually taught using interactive audio and visual machines and instructors in class.

In educational institutions languages are taught as part of undergraduate degree programs as well as graduate degree programs. Undergraduate degree program includes a Bachelor of Arts degree in the respective language of study.

For example a Bachelor of Arts degree program in French or Spanish, German or Chinese. Few degree options in undergraduate level in language studies include the following – Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Language and communication studies or Business language and culture studies etc.

Apart from these, language departments in most universities offer interdisciplinary majors and minors in language studies. Similarly there are Certificate level courses available for language translations in these universities. Graduate degree programs in language studies include Master of Arts degree.

For example Master of Arts degree in Spanish and Latin American studies.
One of the most preferred destinations of language studies is the Yale University which has more than fifty interesting programs in language studies.

Finally, the career options for a language studies student includes – translator or interpreter in Federal or state government, language trainer in private companies with overseas branches and even in education sector etc.