London South Bank University –Teaching and Research Par Excellence

To pursue education in a reputed University is an opportunity to make it big in our careers and achieve success.  One such university that can fascinate you would be the London South Bank University; it is one of the oldest and largest universities established in 1892.

You might be eager to know the courses offered here. Well, it caters mainly in these divisions : Arts and Human Sciences, Business, Engineering, Science and the Built Environment and Health and Social Care, offering wide range of foundation, degree and postgraduate courses.

It is ranked 6th in the UK for graduate starting salaries and has topped as the best university in London for Adult Nursing. LSBU offers you learning in a cosmopolitan environment and gives you the opportunity to interact with foreign nationals, understand their culture thereby enriching your knowledge in different areas other than your academics.

High quality education is imparted to the students, the skill and knowledge gained here is immeasurable. For instance, Footlume designed by the students of the BSc engineering design course showcasing their innovation has enthused the public and gained popularity.

There are many such achievements by the students in different fields. The research has the state of the art facilities. Urban Engineering are carried out at global level. The research finds practical application; most of the project is connected with industries or public bodies.

The undergraduate and post graduate students have high level exposure to case studies, projects etc. Applied Science an interesting field offers teaching and research in Food and Bioscience, Human and Exercise Science, Integrated Sciences, Forensic Science and Chemical and Petroleum Engineering.

Teaching and research are of par excellence, relevant to the current trend in the industry .It can boost your career opportunities. London food centre at LSBU is the platform to enrich your knowledge in nutrition.

MBA at LSBU is a great option, it offers European Credit Transfer Scheme, and one can pursue half studies of MBA at London and other half at Berlin or Paris, getting jointly awarded by LSBU and partner institution Berlin school of Economics or INSEEC, Paris.

Financial support in the form of scholarships, bursaries etc meet the needs of the students.The physiology department is accredited by the British Association for Sports and Exercise Sciences (BASES). LSBU encourages sports students through the Human Performance Center and has reinforced the elite/Olympic level and developing athletes. LSBU nurtures your talent and learning.