Marbella Design Academy

Marbella Design Academy is a recognized institution by the Spanish Ministry of Education. Students can get grants from their countries to study at this Spanish Design Academy.

Marbella Design Academy is the only state recognized school of design in Spain and the only international academy in Spain where students from other parts of the world can get students visa. Marbella Design Academy was founded back in 1995 and since then provides the best design courses for all students.Marbella Design Academy is one of the best design academies in the world. Students from all over the world come to this design school where they get immense knowledge and easily adapting climate. The main motive of this design academy is to provide the students with best possible knowledge of design and educate more and more students from all over the world. This academy tries to give the best to all students.

Students here at Marbella Design Academy are given with the basic as well as advance design education. Students are provided with the advanced knowledge of design so as to cope up with the current style.  Marbella Design Academy moulds the students in such a way that they can easily stand up in the competitive world as the market for designing is increasing day by day.  Students are taught with all market trails such as quality presentations, customer psychology, creativity, style, etc.

Classes are conducted at the academy building by teaching staff as well as professionals having a lot of experience in their fields. Marbella Design Academy also organizes lectures given by famous personalities in the field of design. This helps in changing the overall view of the students. The Spanish surroundings and atmosphere inspires all the students to pursue studies in Marbella Design Academy.  Students can also visit nearby places in Spain so that they are well versed with the cultural and traditional Spanish atmosphere.

The faculty members who teach at Marbella Design Academy are well established personalities in their field of design. The teaching staff tries to give the best knowledge of the subject and gives personal attention to every student. They are also ready to solve all the problems faced by students. The courses conducted at Marbella Design Academy are Web Designing, Industrial Designing, Fashion Designing, Graphic Designing, Furniture Designing, interior designing, architecture and many more.