Marine Engineering – Courses And Institutes

Students of today’s generation are veritably interested in higher education. They are on look out for unique courses. Marine engineering is an interesting study of designing a ship and sailing the same.

The process of designing, manufacturing, testing and maneuvering of a ship is taught during the course. Institutes have become highly responsible and have started including awareness on environmental hazards in their syllabus.

Besides that, maneuvering problems, engineering flaws and overall management are taught. With wider scope of employment and steady growth in career, marine engineering is one of the most-sought over courses today.
Bachelor of Science (BS) degree at The California Maritime Academy has an adept syllabus that trains the students in designing and maneuvering. As a part of the syllabus, students are provided practical training for a span of two to three months. Additionally, students are also given training on commercial and navy ships besides their own practice ships.

Marine Engineering Technology course at Texas A&M University has two options for the graduates, license and non-license. According to the license option, candidates should take the license examination of US Coast Guard. If the candidate clears the examination, he or she can even join the ships as an engineer.

Maine Maritime Academy offers two courses, marine systems and marine engineering. Marine system again bifurcates where one of the courses offers training in designing and license and the other one is limited to designing alone. This academy offers an appropriate combination of theoretical knowledge, laboratory experimentation and practical experience. As the syllabus is prudently framed, students prefer to study in this institute.

State University of New York Maritime College offers courses that come along with placements. Most students that graduate from this institute are qualified to become an integral part of the United States Navy. This institute concentrates more on laboratory sessions and practical experiences.

Bachelor of Science in naval architecture, a course offered by University of New Orleans, aims at equipping students to work aboard, especially in oil industry. Additionally graduates of this college are eligible to work in ship manufacturing companies and companies that deal with export and import.

Marine Engineering & Research Institute, established in 1947, is one of the renowned Marine Engineering institute. This institute is known for its placements, and it also has links with reputed companies and therefore students who perform well get placed effortlessly. Marine engineering is sure a challenging career offering excellent future prospects to students