Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT as otherwise known worldwide, is one of the best institutions in the US, providing quality education to students all over the world and the university accepts only about twelve percent of the applications that are registered.

This is because of the large number of applications which the university receives. Having started as early as 1865, MIT strives to impart knowledge of all forms and use this acquired knowledge to meet and solve all the great challenges which our current world economy, environment and other areas face. The university provides education at all levels namely under-graduate, graduate and post-graduate and doctoral levels. Many international students get admitted in MIT every year, especially from Asia.

Schools/Colleges: The University houses seven major schools/colleges and offers several courses at the different levels. They are as follows: School of Engineering, School of Architecture and Planning, School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, Whitaker College of Health Sciences and Technology, Sloan School of Management, School of Science and MIT-WHOI joint program in applied ocean science and engineering and oceanography and Harvard-MIT division of Health Science and Technology. The admissions for the graduate programs are decentralized whereby aspiring students can apply directly to the department and depending on the candidates potential and academic and extra-curricular achievements, admissions are provided.

Research: Research is an integral part of every department in the University. Its main moto being imparting knowledge for creating new avenues, speaks for itself. The University has been instrumental in bringing about major scientific breakthroughs especially related to technology and science. Inter-disciplinary research is also significant in the university and modern food preservation processes, creation of artificial limbs, development of digital computers, chemical synthesis of Vitamin A and penicillin etc-all the above breakthroughs happened in this University.

General Information: The University has graduated many Nobel laureates and the current number stands at seventy three and still growing. Most students of the university live inside the campus. The university has partnered with many other institutions to spread quality education as well as gain from such exchange programs to broaden its knowledge base. The university has partnered with NUS and NTU, Singapore, Harvard University in US and The University of Cambridge in England.