Master’s Degrees In Homeland Security

Master's Degrees In Homeland Security Homeland security is a branch or field in which various security efforts are taught which protects the state or country from terrorist attacks and activities. Increasing vulnerability of various countries towards these terrorist attacks has made this course very popular.

It is important to protect the country and its states from any destructive attack. So in order to achieve this aim courses like homeland security has been launched by various universities. This course is available in bachelors as well as masters degree. The September 2011 attack and other threats to the countries have acted as a catalyst for the popularity of this subject.

Various Aspects Related To Master’s Degree In Homeland Security:

Master’s degree in homeland security has very wide scope and is now a day’s offered by all reputed and renowned universities. Master’s degree in Homeland security is a big umbrella under purview of which a lot of options exists to opt and do your specialization.

In general homeland security courses covers aspects like emergency response and measures in case of fire and medical cases, terrorist activities both domestic and international, security measures like border security which further include marine borders coastal, borders country, borders etc, transport security which further includes sea transportation, aviation etc, knowledge about radioactivity and radioactive substances, utilization of biology for making defense equipments known as bio defense mechanism, law related to terrorism and disaster management. It covers a wide variety of courses which covers in and out of the security issues.

Choosing Best University To Know About Homeland Security

There are many universities who offer master’s degree in Homeland security. It has now become a hot subject in Countries like USA. Universities like San Diego State University offer training and teachings in Homeland security in the form of designing of resources which aims at protecting against various terrorist attacks and threats. They provide the options of choosing from various areas like communication, security, law, governance etc. The students can choose any of the available area and pursue their master degree in that respective area.

Eastern Kentucky University offers a bachelor degree in Homeland security. In addition to terrorist activities it also caters courses about natural and man made disasters. Embry Riddle Aeronautical University takes a step ahead and it offers homeland security course in three dimensions which are terrorism, emergency cases and cyber safety. Pennsylvania State University provides master degree in Homeland security through distant learning.

Master's Degrees In Homeland Security

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It also offers many specialization fields in homeland security which can be selected by students as per their interest and future planning. The specialization fields that are offered by the university are administration in Homeland security, violence, terrorism issues, social dealings and ethical issues.

There are various other universities which offer even more customized version of homeland security to their students. For example Ohio State University which will give you the normal master degree in computer science or sociology but with more concentration on the concept of Homeland security which focuses on areas like bioterrorism, security of networks etc. Another college in this league is George Washington University which offers courses like crisis management, security, disaster management etc.

Northeastern University which is situated in Boston focuses on law aspect of homeland security by extending to another college which is for criminal justice. Monroe Community College located in Rochester in New York offers real time training to its students with the help of its forensic lab, aircraft simulator, crime scene simulator etc.  Apart from above mentioned universities other universities such as University of Phoenix, Kaplan University, Columbia Southern University etc are also very prompt in teaching and incorporating homeland security to their curriculum.

Explore Its Various Job Opportunities:

Apart from serving the nation and contributing in the safety and security of the nation courses in Homeland security makes you more alert and responsible as well. You not only align yourself for the betterment and safety of the country but you also open innumerable career opportunities for yourself. Obtaining a master’s degree in homeland security is a good investment for your future. This master degree will unfold a lot of employment options with federal government. Now a day’s the demand is equally piping hot in case of state government organizations and private organizations also. They also require more and more trained people in homeland security.

Master's Degrees In Homeland Security

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In United States the department of homeland security has increased the number of workers profoundly after the 11th September 2011 attack. This field is very prosperous and is booming up with more and more career opportunities for degree holders in homeland securities. It is estimated that in future also around 1 lacks jobs will be offered to students who possess a master’s degree in homeland security.

Apart from big names like department of homeland securities in United States other small organizations like various security agencies, custom departments, airport security, border security are also recruiting students with master’s degree in homeland security at a very large scale. So you should never step back thinking that you are putting your future in uncertainty by choosing homeland security as a subject for your master’s degree. It is always a good investment of both your money as well as your efforts.

The remuneration being offered to a student possessing master’s degree in homeland security starts from $35,000. This salary is offered by small security agencies and as you climb up the ladder your salary increases exponentially. For example a job of custom inspector will easily fetch you $60,000 per annum.

So if considered compensation wise also going for a master’s degree in homeland security is a best option for an individual who is seeking an innovative and challenging career. There were many critics who were very adamant that selecting a master’s degree in homeland security is a pointless decision but all the advantages and prosperity of this stream have surpassed all the comments given by the critics.

It is good to stand up and contribute to your country in any form. So going for a master’s degree in homeland security is a good option as it fetches a good and well paid job. It develops a sense of responsibility towards yourself and the nation as well. It fetches a job which is dynamic in nature and involves diverse and wide variety of working opportunities.