Masters in Information and Communication Technology: University of South Australia

Since the demand for IT professionals is increasing day by day, there are numerous universities coming up offering the Masters program in Information Technology, especially for student with B.E. Information Technology or software background.

Among many the University of South Australia, is the one with Masters Degree in Information and Communication Technology Management.

The purpose of this program is to educated student about the technical in congruence with Management aspect of Information Technology which can be implemented in an organization, IT Support department of any Industry.

Alike any other masters degree, this also takes two years duration comprising four semesters. Since most of the foreign students wants to take their own time to settle down and get acquainted with place, campus, new intellectual environment and professors the course held only four days a week and 2 to 4 hour a day. Remaining time can be utilized by preparing assignments and practical projects as a part of course. Each semester runs for 13 weeks including the tuition time and examination.

In quite brief Semester one has subject papers of Fundamentals of Information System, Database, Information Technology and System Analysis. Semester two comprise practical as well as theoretical subjects of Managing Networks and Telecommunications, Information Security Management, Information Technology Project Management. This entire semester is concentrated on the management aspect of Information technology industry.

Semester three deals with all contemporary Issues relating to IT and Consultancy Practice and Integrated Information System. Finally in fourth Semester students are assigned professional project relating to Information and Communication Technology. They had to go through actual working conditions in any given Industry and handle tool or problems related to IT department.

In addition to facility like research & consultancy, university has division denoted to monitor the correct teaching and learning, accountable for the development, management, review of the Teaching and Learning, The Dean makes sure that quality education being provided to division of Information Technology and Engineering should be focused on practical theories and equity plans.

Apart from Australia this stream has immense of scope in any part of world as there is increase in demand on Networking solution, designing, technical content preparation,  Information management software tools and support systems.