Masters in landscape architecture at Lincoln University

People traveling to different places in the world mostly visit two types of destinations which includes one with historical eminence and other with beautiful view. Whether for tourist attraction or for beatification of the places at micro or macro level a lot of emphasis is put by various authorities and experts.

To preserve or develop landscapes a big budget is created and allocated by various development authorities across the world. The landscape architecture is gaining popularity world wide to enhance the aesthetic value, preserving and sustaining ecological and cultural values besides adding worth in terms of tourism appeal.

Landscape architecture aims at establishing views of aesthetic values and creates stimulating, elating and engaging landscapes. Various universities around the world provide a landscape architecture course which defines and imparts knowledge in architecture and prepares the aspiring students in landscape architecture.

One of the pioneer landscape architecture masters programs is provided by the Lincoln University of New Zealand where design, planning and management of the discipline is taught eminently into a proficient learning environment with all possible aids and concepts complementing the study program.

On the top of all credentials attached to the course as a part of Lincoln University’s pioneer initiative it finds recognition that provides the opportunities for professional accreditation to NZILA which adds to its promise of being a valuable course.

Course is designed in with integrated practices, examinations and thesis which are spread over six semesters. Qualifying criteria depends on the student’s background. Students with bachelors of landscape architecture honors are provided with thesis or examinations only whereas students without honors have to appear for MLA by examinations and thesis both.

Students with the interest of just attempting thesis in the study have to achieve satisfactory standards in the PGDip courses. Graduates from other disciplines can also apply by achieving high standards in bridging programs or graduate entry programs.

Landscape architecture can be a very useful program for the student coming from designing and art background. Model architecture is a field that could be integrated well with the course and benefited a lot. There are good examples of flourishing and stable careers who have gained and mutually contributed to the field of landscape architecture acquiring proficiency from the masters program at Lincoln University.