Masters in Publishing from London College of Communication

There is a wide scope for career opportunities in the field of publishing. So there is a need of specialized courses catering to the requirements of publishing industry. Students willing to make a career in publishing have got to gun for the best.

London College of Communication offers masters degree in publishing. It is a full time course of 45 weeks. Target segment of the course comprise of students aspiring to reach management level in publishing industry. Course director of the program is Desmond O’Rourke.

MA Publishing from LCC is highly inclusive in its curriculum as it proffers two distinct specialization paths of MA Publishing (Magazine) and MA Publishing (Books and Journal). Students here get equipped with specific skill sets needed to succeed in both book and magazine publishing, not only in print media but also in e-mode.

Best part of the course curriculum is, it is designed keeping in mind functioning of publishing industry through multiple platforms and the need of collaboration among them. That way it is one of the best programs as it instills in its students an interdisciplinary perspective towards different functions and contexts of publishing.

This course demand highly intense learning on the part of students that include good amount of self study. Program duration of 45 weeks is divided into three phases of 15 weeks each.

All the three phases consist of 60 credits. In the first phase students learn professional competencies of publishing like publishing law, distribution, rights and publishing systems among others. However, second phase takes it further by teaching professional practices of publishing to students.

This program is highly flexible as students can opt out of it with Postgraduate Diploma in publishing after the second phase only. Those going for third phase need to complete a major research project and a section of independent study under supervision.

Students enrolling in this course are privileged to get the best infrastructure for any academic institution in the world. Publishing production and design infrastructure used here is simply matchless.

LCC charges £4,075 to UK and EU students while international students need to pay £12,700. An additional amount of £900 is charged from both sets of students for a week- long trip of industrial research.