Masters in Screen Writing at London College of Communication

London College of Communication is one of the six colleges that collectively constitute University of Arts, London.

Established as long back as 1894, London College of Communication or LCC in its shortened form is globally recognized for its media and design related courses.

One of such subject specific courses is the one offered in the field of screen writing. LCC offers a 2 years masters degree program in screen writing under its faculty of media. The study mode of the program is part time which allows one class per week during the term time.

The entire program is structured in a way that one year is segregated into three parts of spring term, summer term and autumn term. Besides, the program is highly flexible in the sense students can opt to exit after earning post graduate diploma by successfully completing second phase.

This M.A in Screen writing program commands huge regard from students and industry experts alike. It follows a truly international teaching structure which accommodates lectures, tutorials, workshops and seminars along with high degree of flexibility.

The hands-on approach adopted by the faculty of media in this course results in added emphasis over practical aspects like workshop. Moreover, portfolio creation programme is an essential part of the course curriculum which essentially grooms the students as a script writer.

In a nutshell the best aspect of this course is the practical skill set it instills in its students, the deep knowledge of the trade it imparts and the kind of smooth access it brings for its students with industry experts.

At LCC Kelly Marshal is the course director and faculty of media teaches the students.  Apart from permanent faculty members industry experts share their valuable experience and insight with the students. Additionally, there is a very strong tradition of former students showing up to teach at the institute from time to time. It plays a big role in keeping the students updated with the latest developments of film and television production.

All these efforts on the part of the college result in an exceedingly bright career prospect for its students. Most of them go on to establish themselves as script writers, script editors, directors, producers and in many other profiles.

Standard of this course is testified by the fact that many of its alumni have went on to win prestigious awards like Palm D’Or and Orange Screen Writing.