MBA- Should You Do It Or Not?

Nowadays, it appears the world has been divided into two sections – the MBAs the the ones without the three letters next to their names. The difference between the two sections, as perceived by most corporations and organizations the world over, however, is not limited to absence of the three letters. It is a much more significant difference in perception that is employed while viewing people who have the coveted degree and those who don’t that is driving hundreds of thousands of people every year into jumping headlong into the world of business, whether they genuinely enjoy it or not.

A person who neither has any ambition in the field of business, nor has any inclination towards it, is also being sucked into the whirlwind of MBA prep as the degree is perceived to be the sole pathway of ‘getting there’. Sentences like ‘Do-an-MBA-and-lead-the-life-as-you-always-dreamt-it-to-be’ abound in popular literature these days. It’s scary to an extent primarily because of the fact that what life should be like is different for different people.

What is person A’s idea of success may be very different from what person B wants out of their life. And that is the reason why everyone should be careful while choosing to do an MBA. Just because your neighbour did it and has a white-collar job that pays him a million dollars a year doesn’t mean you will jump into the fray too while all you really wanted to do was become a research fellow at NASA. The names and examples are all suggestive and shouldn’t be taken as ideal, but the example, hopefully, drives the point home.

One common perception is that the MBA degree is a sure shot way to the big bucks. True, but only to some extent. MBAs from good colleges are the ones who get the really good jobs in terms of money. There are many business schools out there whose fees are more than what you will ever be able to earn after passing out with an MBA degree from them. Again, as is the basic theme of the article, it is best to use your own judgement and discretion.

Now for the people who have genuine drive towards the financial aspects of life. Towards business, economics and the like. Who love nothing more than to sit and analyze, in their spare time, the financial performances and business decisions and tactics of various companies. Do an MBA, by all means. It will not only lend a whole lot of credibility to your business acumen and ambitions, but will also get you a head start into the world of business.

In conclusion, doing an MBA should not only be a personal choice (you shouldn’t do it because everyone else is doing it), it should also be a very intelligent choice into which a lot of thought should go in before taking the decision.


I am Deepanjan Datta doing electrical engineering from the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Durgapur, India. I love to write, and develop software programs.