Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is the oldest and most diverse field of engineering. It deals with generation and use of power and heat, application of material sciences and the design, manufacture and application of mechanisms, machines and tools. Concepts like mechanics, statics, thermodynamics, fluid flow and energy play a vital role in this field. Mechanical engineers use the core knowledge to design and analyze aircraft, watercraft, automobiles, heating and cooling systems, robotics and many other machines.

The roots of mechanical engineering can be dated back to ancient Greece, in the achievements of Archimedes and Heron. Thereafter, mechanical engineering found its peaks in the works of Zhang Heng, who invented a water clock, Al-Jazari from the Islamic Golden Age and Leonardo Da Vinci of Italy. In the modern ages, the United States of America is regarded as the prime place to study and apply concepts of Mechanical engineering.

The United States of America is home to the earliest institutes for Mechanical Engineering. The United States Military Academy, now known as the Norwich University and the Rensselaer Polytechnic University were built in 1817 and 1825 respectively. Nowadays Degrees of Mechanical Engineering are offered at Universities all around the world from Nepal to Spain and Greece to United States. Of these the best institutes are regarded to be the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University.

When simply put the job of a mechanical engineer is to make things work, just the scale can vary from a small scale like fixing a pipe, to a gigantic scale like building a large hadron collider. Look around you and you can see half a dozen articles built by mechanical engineers right from lawn mowers to automobiles to air conditioners. To build a career in this interesting and challenging domain one needs to obtain a Bachelor of Sciences in mechanical engineering. This is a four year course to teach the basics of mechanical engineering.

After the Bachelor’s course, one can move into specializations in mechanical engineering in a Master’s course. Students can opt for doctorate’s degree for interest in research or get engaged in a job. The jobs for mechanical engineers exist in construction firms, consultancy firms, power generation units, automobile companies among a myriad others. In the job too, the mechanical engineer can be engaged in research and development, maintenance or operations management.