Medical Assistant Certification

Medical Assistant Certifications is now one of the most popular ways of entering the highly lucrative medical field.

As a medical assistant, you will learn a lot of skills that will help you in this field which is free from the ills of recession. The profession of a medical assistant comes with lot of job security and great benefits.

Certified Medical Assistants are needed in clinics and offices of doctors. They perform a lot of clerical duties like answering the phone, organizing records and greeting the patients. You will also do a lot of important tasks like recording of medical histories, drawing of blood and, even helping the doctor in his / her duties.

Many people are of the opinion that to become a Medical Assistant, you need have a certificate. But this is totally wrong. A certificate is not compulsory in case you want to become a medical assistant. There are a number of clinics and officers that hire medical assistant who do not have any formal training.

But at the same time, I must admit, that such numbers are continuously declining. In today’s world of cut-throat competition, it is always feasible to enter the field with a certificate so that you are a bit ahead of others in the race.

Most physicians make it a point to hire someone who has some level of formal training. You can get this if you join a local junior college or a community college. You just need to sign up for a program in medical assisting.

Generally these are covered in 1 year or 2 year courses. After the completion of a 1 year course, you can get a certificate but a 2 year course will arm you with an associate degree. You can use this degree to add as a credit in case you decide to pursue a bachelor’s program later on.

After this you need to appear for a national examination that will qualify you to become a Certified Medical Assistant. This certification exam can be completed from any of the accredited organizations. You can also pass a certification exam in any of the specialized field like Podiatry and Ophthalmology. Once you pass this exam, you can become a Certified Medical Assistant.