Michigan State University

The Michigan State University is a prestigious center of learning and has a rich historical background. Thousands of students from across the globe come to this University t study in different disciplines.

Michigan State University was launched in 1855 when the State Legislature laid the foundation for the Agricultural College of the State of Michigan. The institute had a modest start with only three buildings and 63 male students. The faculty strength was only restricted to five.

MSU was one of the foremost educational institutions to impart knowledge in scientific agriculture. In 1861 the first batch of graduates came out of the corridors of Michigan State University. Truly a landmark year! In 1870 the college became a co-educational one and the subject of Home Economics was introduced for the women students.

In 1885 the university started degree courses in engineering and applied sciences. The gates of MSU were opened to the African – American students in 1899. The university has made rapid strides in the educational sector and is now considered as one of the premier institutions.

There are many colleges which are affiliated with Michigan State University. The main colleges are

•    College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
•    Residential College in Arts and Humanities
•    College of Arts and Letters
•    College of Social Science
•    College of Osteopathic Medicine
•    College of Nursing
•    College of Natural Science
•    James Madison College

The University has a lot of international students and faculty members on their roster. For this purpose, there are quite a number of hotels on campus. The accommodation on the campus is a big boon for students and faculties and this actually saves a lot of time, energy and money for them. The hotels located near the university premises are

•    Waterford Estates Lodge
•    East Lansing Marriot
•    Baymont Inn & Suites
•    B&B Wild Goose Inn

The joy of living in the campus cannot be explained in words. The number of good hotels near the campus makes Michigan State University a really special place. MSU provides all the facilities to the students and campuses and this makes this university a sought after place.