MIT-International School of Engineering and Management

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a simple step. “ – believes Maharashtra Institute of Technology, affiliated to Maharashtra Academy of Education and Engineering and Research (MAEER). MIT is based under the University of Pune. MIT was founded and developed as a social institution where people believed in quality of education should set standards and value for industrial research and development. This is because the research and development formed the basic tangent for the inclination observatory of MIT’s excellent performance over these two years past 2010. MIT has set international standards that has made education in engineering more valuable than it has ever seen in its era in Maharashtra. If you are looking for quality and performance in developing world-class machines then MT is for you.

According to Mr. L.K. Kshirsagar, the principal of the college, engineering is a science of applying scientific qualities to improve living. He says that the realm of pure knowledge and essence of purity of purpose should always coincide the heart and mind to bring the soul of Bharat to life. We as students can prove the same, believe the students of MIT-School of Broadcasting and Journalism. MIT offers the following disciplines: Art and Design, Distance Education, Engineering, Management, Medical, Social Science and Schools.

MIT revolutionizes education that evolves itself as a center of International education proving that global education deserves its due importance. All the courses and syllabuses are concurrent and transperent to AICTE and other standards of Education Council of India. Keeping in mind, Journalism has its due importance given as a special subject in M.B.A. course making the student community wonder how to choose from various options of its curriculum. There are around 36.545 books which is an enthralling of log in their library including more than 21500 technical books making the things worse for a worm. Technical Journals, magazines and newspapers are the other share holders of this huge organized library.

Students get to pick their chances to write for these journals whether or whether not they are research items. The government authorities are highly impressed by the effort and invest their time and energy in providing amenities and services that they deserved from time to time.


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