More About Executive MBA

There are many senior managers, entrepreneurs and professionals from different industry sectors who have achieved years of success and rich experience in their respective field but still lack a professional MBA degree certificate in their kitty.

Such individuals now have a golden opportunity to study the concepts and earn the degree of MBA without having to leave either their dear job or organization. Such a MBA programme is now hugely popular and known as an Executive MBA or simply EMBA.

There are many benefits about enrolling in an EMBA, for example you don’t lose your well-paid job, but still earn a globally accepted management degree and that too within a stipulated time. The EMBA programme curriculum consists of many contemporary management issues and case studies that can help a professional in today’s highly competitive entrepreneurial environment.

The EMBA programme usually has a cohort class structure that promises an executive setting for studying along with a planned curriculum. A cohort class structure is one which has a permanent number of more or less equally qualified and experienced members studying and completing their programme together.

An Executive MBA programme is usually arranged for a period of not more than 2 years. For example, the cohort of MIT Sloan EMBA programme has an approximate class strength of 60 global executives having industry experiences ranging from 8-25 years.

All the members of MIT Sloan EMBA programme are full time working executives who are expected to complete their EMBA degree within a stipulated period of 20 months.

Each day consists of rigorous eight hours of case studies, group discussions and team works. The team approach is especially important for an EMBA course as the team members will have diverse perspectives to share among each other.

The members of an EMBA programme are either financially sponsored (fully or partly) by their respective companies or cover the full cost themselves from their savings. On an average the EMBA programme costs somewhere between USD 60, 000 to USD 150, 000.

The most common motivational factor cited by executives for joining EMBA programme are- either to make a better career jump or to get promoted in their current organization.

Joining an EMBA programme is often a tough decision as the executive is required to put lot of time, dedication and commitment to the course along with the usual demands of professional career. However it must be emphasized that joining and spending money on an EMBA programme is a good investment that can help you reap sure profits in the future.