National Responsibility: A Pupil’s Awareness

A paternal voice says, “Could you bring my newspaper?” and certainly, this does mean that he wants the kid’s attention in his daily affairs and wants him to know his duties. The responsibility given on an account of spiritual heirness should be taken into consideration. By giving due importance to this trivial act he proves himself worthy of his hierarchy for that time.

One should never forget that this is just a lesson and not a memorizing exercise. There are plenty of instances where a paternal voice accts as a Guru leading the path of a man to the right direction. Often, people forget to notice this tiny detail and forget to memorize their honesty of that time. Honesty is the best policy. When we say this on top of our voice we have associate this to a picture or a memory that make us a human.

There is a difference between an accountant and an engineer. The difference is that accountancy refers logging issues and engineering refers to innovation. These schools of thought are delicately different and high in meaning. Several men and women never pay attention to these vital details of an element that forms the building blocks of efficiency. The deficient categories relate themselves to a perpetual bigotry that finally unfolds human negligence in some vital matters.

People have to consider simple and trivial situations as important. That enables them to calculate the consequences of such an ordeal. The worst nightmare would be to be carried away with the waves of ignorance and to see one with undermined intelligence. The crest of this situation should lie when one suddenly realizes he lost opportunity that would have changed their life permanently and one would not have to see this day.

Therefore, it is important to understand these values and consider to give a helping hand to boost our status quo that makes us feel a worthy men and women. The best nature’s gift is humility. We can use this as the primary weapon against all odds and give ourselves a way to improve our commitments.

Preparatory lesson can be a tiny act of courtesy. This is to impart knowledge and create communal development. The first way to act generously is giving your knowledge. A student’s responsibility is to seek. This is the first commandment for a pupil to remember. Seek till one exists. This makes one pure and honest. Information can only shared and not exchanged. Should it be exchanged for a bait one should understand that he or she is a part of a coup. This is as good as saying ‘Do not copy in your exam’.

~ Dr. Krishnamoorthy M Bhattacharya, Ph. D. Anthropology


Hello! My name is Krishnamoorthy M Bhattacharya. I am a post graduate in Business administration and hereby sharing my knowledge with students and readers about literacy and education. I hope my blog is useful for you.