Nursing Is One of the Top Courses of Singapore

Singapore is becoming a favored destination for education and an attractive location for international students. What makes Singapore so popular?

Well, it provides opportunities to study with world class universities in Singapore, for instance Stanford University (US), INSEAD (France), etc.

The International Degree from Singapore is globally recognized and one has the opportunity to study at the world’s premier commercial hub. The standard of living of Singapore is comparable to New York and London.

It is cost effective as compared to other countries and with plenty of part-time work options. So it helps you to earn while you learn.

Nursing in Singapore is considered as one of the top courses, the nursing degree is recognized in many developed countries. What is the course pattern?

Well, the Diploma Nursing Program is a 3 year full time program. You can also do a 3 year full time Bachelor of Nursing Degree Program. If you wish to pursue Honors, it extends to 4 years.

If one desires to work or practice in Singapore hospitals and other healthcare institutions, there is an accelerated 10 month program which imparts the skills and knowledge required to practice in Singapore.

This also enables to get Singapore Registered Nurse License. The nursing degree from Singapore is par excellence; it has gained recognition in countries such as the United Kingdom and Australia.

If you have a degree in nursing from Singapore, you can work in hospitals and related sectors in Singapore. The patient pool is diverse in hospitals coming from different countries. You can be exposed to a wide range of major health problems. Foreign countries that seek medical treatment from Singapore include US, Britain, Japan, and Indonesia.

You can look forward to working in Singapore because every major public and private hospital will become accredited soon.The hospitals will attain Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation, a hallmark of American quality of healthcare which is widely recognized. To work in a JCI accredited hospital can enhance your career opportunities and help you to spread your wings to different countries.

If you are a Singapore Registered Nurse, you are entitled to ‘S’ pass, a new visa category that paves way for foreign skilled technicians and specialized workers to work in Singapore.

Study at Singapore not only bestows you with quality and best education but also several rewarding career opportunities in healthcare industry, in developed countries and, in Singapore itself.