On Campus activities by Student’s club

Every college has its own setup and infrastructural facilities, but in order to augment the learning and kill the pressure student can take a step further with consent of Dean or Head of department and encourage more and more on campus student’s activities. In fact some of the researches implicate extracurricular activities, help in skill development for higher education.

In a year a student’s club must arrange for some brain storming exercises, such as extempore, debate, group discussion, essay writing, quizzes. Such activities not merely lays the foundation of team work in students but also works as  collaborative work done with other learners and induces an effective learning environment.

Apart from such scholarly activities, there suppose to be internal band playing on weekend’s nights. It has been noticed that quite lot of students in order to spend their weekend moving out of campus and as group activity either gathers for drinking at pubs or ideally sit in their rooms. Hence , having band playing , dancing nights , special events like fashion show , art show can confine student to move out of campus and find other sources to spend weekends.

Than comes sports events. Well students are usually incline towards playing outdoor games like rugby, football, lawn tennis but some time fail to do their favorite activities due to non-sufficient players or non-availability of essential arrangements for game. Hence such clubs can organize events to be held inside the campus, with the funds allocated by University authorities itself. This actually gives the platform to all students to enjoy the event as player as well as audience. Infact outer states universities can also be invited to participate.

Moving focus from entertaining activities, student’s club can also arrange for intellectual weeks, wherein projects, video assignments, published research, should be displayed to other streams students. This really inspires the students to share their work prepared during their academic period with the students of other stream as well as learning for juniors getting prepared for further studies.

Such events fill the enthusiasm among students and they develop lot of affection towards their campus as well as education. They very well able to relate them selves with University , since Universities are helping them to rejuvenate and enjoy to fullest without moving out of campus.