One Year Course: Global Design at IED Barcelona

Global Design at IED Barcelona is a diploma course conducted in English and Spanish languages. IED stands for Istituto Europeo di Design. Istituto Europeo di Design was founded in the year 1966.This institution has been very effective in the areas of Fashion, Design and Visual Communication.

The studies offered by this institution are Advertising , Marketing and Communication. Here the courses are taught in English and Spanish for foreign students as well.This institute has been operating since thirty years. Here the subject areas include marketing ad and designing too.

Studying in Barcelona is quite an experience. It has a dynamic wave with its pleasant and a beautiful spirit of its own. Over the years it has been a centre for many cultural and traditional capital for many people. It has been an ideal location for many conferences, exhibitions depicting future of communication and marketing.

IED also offers summer courses . These summer courses are always carried out in the month of July. This institute is regarded as the best design institute in Italy. The four disciplines included in this school are IED design for interior and industrial design. It has its branches in the cities like Rome, Madrid, Venice, Milan and Florence.

Scholarships provided by Istituto Europeo di Design are also applicable for foreign students too . The admission is also granted to foreign students and is open to International students. This institution clearly believes in boosting the innovative and creative talent of all people. Encouragement for young students are provided by arranging fashion shows for creative and new designers. The fashion event is always conducted every year. Apart from all these a lot of courses in design management are also offered by this institute.

The highlights of the course includes a practical and a theory session. The course offered by the IED provides opportunity for all the creative and enthusiastic minds. Students from all over the world get enrolled for pursuing their degrees. The training provided by IED Barcelona includes autonomous personality, visual arts and communication. So in this way a great deal of encouragement and enthusiasm is provided to all the students giving them an opportunity to fulfill their dreams.