Oregon State University – Great Research Centre

Oregon State University is situated in Corvallis, Oregon, United States was established in 1868. Corvallis was recently honored as the 5th smartest university town.

OSU is the largest public research university due to its high research activity; it has earned the Carnegie foundations top designation and receives more funding annually as compared to other higher education institutions in Oregon.

It was ranked among top 50 universities in academics, athletics and overall performance in 2008 by stack magazine and was chosen as one of the premier universities in America. The famous alumnus of the college is noble prize winner Linus Pauling. NASA astronauts William Oefelein and Donald Pettit are the other notable alumni.

It has the credibility and the reputation of being the only other recognized university apart from Cornell institution with all the four designations Land –Grant, Sea – Grant, Space – Grant and Sun- Grant. The university caters to more than 200 undergraduate and more than 80 degree programs.

It also offers more than 20 online degree programs. It houses 12 colleges and two schools and stands out with more majors, minors and special programs than any other college or university in Oregon.

The top tier programs recognized nationally includes nuclear engineering, ecology, forestry, public health, biochemistry, zoology, oceanography, conservation biology, food science , fisheries and wild management, pharmacy, agricultural sciences and community health. The university attracts students from all the states and from more than 80 countries.

Oregon University students have opportunities to actively indulge in business entrepreneurship. The students are nurtured in business through Austin Entrepreneurship program, the largest residential entrepreneurship program of its kind in USA at Weatherford hall which is primarily focused on student related business ventures.

International students who present as cultural ambassadors in the community are dispensed with the international cultural service program scholarship. Oregon state athletics provide intramural sports and sporting events. Over 35 leagues and tournaments are played in the academic year.

OSU is ranked 4th among the universities nationwide for using renewable energy and stands 1st in the Pac -10 conference. The university also plays host to radio and television station.

The main campus is situated in 400 acre land in Willamette Valley, OSU campus is listed in the National register of Historic places and the branch campus called OSU Cascades campus is located in Bend enabling students to attend select classes closer to their homes.