Overview of February LSAT

Many students will be appearing for the February LSAT but there are some points which every candidate must keep in mind before appearing for this all important exam. The first point that you should remember is that February LSAT is never released.

So you do not have any access to the text book and answer sheet. So you just cannot check the questions that you have missed. Though such a situation might create a fear or a feeling of uncertainty about this exam, there is absolutely no reason to fret over it. Many believe that the February LSAT is the toughest one. But in reality, it is just the opposite. The Law School Admission Council claims that each LSAT has the same level of difficulty.

Very few register for the February LSAT test. The reason is that the February exam is too late for those applicants who want to start the law school in that particular year but at the same time it is very early for those who will start in the following year. But it also means that a quiet atmosphere will lower your stress level a lot. But this can change from an individual to an individual.

There is a strong misconception that February LSAT takers comprises of December LSAT re-takers and late entrants. But this is not entirely true. Many people have opined that LSAT is scored on a curve. So this means that you can score high in February LSAT just by completing a LSAT prep course. LSAC, however, is committed towards equating all exams to make them comparable with each other.

Some February LSAT takers have gone on record saying that the test-takers in that month offer much lesser competition. It is true that last minute entrants hardly offer any competition as they do not find enough time to prepare for the LSAT course. Psychologically sitting next to such students is a far better proposition that sitting next to a student who is good enough to crack the 175 barrier. You can avoid such a situation if you decide to appear for the February LSAT exam. But whatever be you decision, always be prepared well enough to notch up a good score in the exam.