Painting in Barcelona

Have you ever dreamt of taking up a course in painting? And what if you had to pack your bags and travel thousands and thousands of miles and land up in Barcelona..

Well here’s your chance . At the Miro foundation you can see Joan Miro’s painting and also get blessed by Pablo Picasso’s earlier works. Museu d’ Art Contemporani de Barcelona which is the Barcelona Contemporary Museum of Art exhibits a glimpse of the Barcelona painter Antoni Tàpies.
The painting activities which take place always consists of a minimum group of 20 people and a maximum group of 200 people. When this gets startled a large canvas of painting is given by each team.

In addition to it a lot of courses in painting are also offered at Barcelona.

These courses are learnt by observing visual composition and the colour and light of the environment around. The steps involved in all the painting courses in Barcelona consists of analysis and interpretation of visual reality. Workshops for painting are carried out in abundant scale in Barcelona.

Summer intensive courses are carried out in Barcelona too. They believe that rhythm is  more important in any form of art form. This also is true in the case of painting as well.  A lot of opportunities are presented to people who want to portray their talent and skills in painting. The program was introduced in the year 1989. The sessions are conducted on every weekdays from 10 am to 2 pm. A proper schedule  has been implemented by the organizers to facilitate the provisions for all the people. These programs inculcate the values of creativity and a sense of awareness among the people.

A lot of painting activities are organized for students and children. Classes are always conducted by distinguished and well known faculty. Each year many people find themselves engrossed and making their way for this auspicious event. Along with painting art therapy, digital photography, action surf photography and studio art photography are also conducted. Innumerable works and paintings of famous artists can be seen across Barcelona. This city celebrates its economic and cultural power with the help of all these true artifacts.