Paralegal Course At University of California, Irvine

Irvine is known as the “little campus on the golf course” because of its splendid architecture spread across the rolling green lawns. Irvine is the smallest of all University of California campuses.

Stay on the campus is a pleasant one as you enjoy cool breezes from the Pacific Ocean and the soothing rays of the sun.

The campus is not a huge one and the number of students enrolled are also quite few. But still the campus has managed to carve a name for itself in the filed of world class research and with time they have built a good academic reputation. The UC Irvine has made pioneering efforts in the field of online education and their programs have helped professionals all over the world.

The online program of UC Irvine is the most comprehensive and rigorous program ever. The school is well known for turning out good professionals. The paralegal program is revered all over US and the faculty members get a chance to teach at some of the other schools. They are highly demanded by many prestigious law firms. The course curriculum of the paralegal course is very similar to that of first year law students and this enables the students to have a solid foundation in law.

The students of the paralegal course complete a comprehensive course in contracts, property, civil procedure and constitutional law. After this the students move to the specialized programs. This is a demanding program and once the students pass out from this course they too begin to ‘think like lawyers’. This is a great comment for paralegals.

The paralegals usually work for law firms but there are some who freelance in the capacity of document specialists and researchers. The reasoning and professional writing skills of the students also get uplift during this course. For admission to this world class program, students must submit samples of writing to prove that they have sufficient command over the English language.

During the course the students learn to prepare contracts, settlements and briefs. Once they pass out they use this knowledge in their day to day professional lives. In one sentence, UCI makes them thorough professionals.